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Fast Facts

  • Moniker Partners specializes in planning and executing unique corporate events, offering a range of services from team building activities to travel incentives.
  • They are known for their creative approach, designing custom experiences that align with each client's specific goals and brand identity.
  • Moniker Partners has a global reach, with the ability to organize events in various locations around the world.
  • Their expertise extends beyond event planning, providing comprehensive event management services including logistics, budgeting, and onsite coordination.

In-depth review of Moniker Partners

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Products and Services

  • The Offsite: A unique retreat destination offering a wide array of activities and amenities designed for team building and corporate retreats. It includes outdoor adventures, meditation and yoga sessions, and transformative workshops led by expert facilitators.
  • Moniker Partners: A reputable entity in the domain name industry offering a comprehensive domain name portfolio, domain management tools, DNS management services, and top-tier customer support.
  • Flok: A comprehensive customer loyalty management platform that provides personalized loyalty programs, powerful analytics capabilities, and seamless social media integration. It is designed to boost customer engagement and retention.
  • Event Solutions: A leading event planning service offering customized event planning solutions, high-quality vendors and suppliers, and superior customer service. It handles everything from small gatherings to large galas.

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